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Thursday, August 18, 2011

In the spirit of the exquisite corpse, the three of us decided to create an installation in which we each made our own sculpture based on a common theme. After completing our installation about protection, safety, and homeostasis, we thought that we'd capitalize on the fact that our installation is juxtaposed with the entirely gold and silver arc de triomphe and its call for artistic recognition. Our connection with the piece undercuts the other group's connection (Ryan, Scott, and Jesse) with the triumphant arc -- they've lifted it up on concrete bricks -- by shooting at it with non-functional arrows.

Right now we're at the gallery during Artist Hours drinking home-made beer with John-Mark and Nicholas as part of their project "Making Beer for Friends is the Highest Form of Art." Six different kinds of beer!!! Stop by if you are in the area and come talk to artists.

And Jennie is taking a little nap in Amanda, Llewelynn, and Hannh's installation.