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Sunday, August 14, 2011

OMDB Project Briefs and Map of Installations in Gallery Space

1. Johanna Barron/ Christy Chan/ Helen Lee/ Cybele Lyle

The De-Programming Chamber assists the viewer in expelling years of negative messages surrounding one’s choice to pursue art professionally. Come in, sit down, and enjoy some popcorn while the channels take you through a series of de-programming videos. Walk out on the other side.

2. John-Mark Ikeda/ Nicholas Price

Based on the Tom Marioni project "Free Beer: Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest form of Art", during the course of the exhibition we host a bar where we serve free beer made by us to guests at the exhibition.

3. Amanda Curreri/ Llewelynn Fletcher/ Hannah Ireland/ George Pfau

We have made a framed space, as the site of a territorialized game, and as a safe space for personal exchange and intimate communication.

4. Christi Baker/ Colleen Mulvey

Systema Mythos. Artists constantly communicate with and engage in new forms of visual language. Together as Artist and Archeologist, we synchronize chosen text from the Greek language together with the language of cartography to investigate the metamorphosis of a building, and the metamorphosis of the Archeologist herself.

5. Cathy Lu/ Rochelle Youk

Artists are all busy, unique individuals, but we all need to eat. The instant cup noodles, known for being fast and cheap, making them ideal for busy, struggling artists, also stand in as a familiar, ever-present comfort food that is embraced heavily by Asian-Americans.

6. Bryan Hewitt/ Vita Hewitt/ Emmanuelle Namont Kousnetsov

The basis of this project is to offer a platform for the viewer to explore his or her relationship to the assumptions that govern human sexual interactions. This collaboration is about setting up the scene and abandoning control while giving a place for the viewer to experiment.

7. Luca N Antonucci/ Carissa Potter
Carissa uses her personal experiences to understand her place in the cosmos. Luca highlights the inherent romanticism held within our comprehension of existence. The Stars Are In The Sky & The Stars Are In Your Eyes are two books that cannot exist without each other. One is composed of movie stills of the night sky, and the other of the movie characters looking up to them.

8. Nancy de Y. Elkus/ Matthew Marchand
Our collaboration focuses on everyday detritus and that which gets rejected during a creative process. The material and emotional 'waste' of a work of art almost never makes the transition from private workspace to public venue. What are the costs, benefits and losses in the economy of scale between an artist and the viewer?

9. Cathy Fairbanks
"How does what one needs affect what one makes? How does the artist proceed with a gap between the idea and art made? How does this frustration, this approximation, this pen-ultimate position of the work to the idea, position the artist against their own work?"

10. Seth Lower/ David Wolf
Eadweard Muybridge and Bruce Nauman think so much alike. They must have hung out together.

11. Ryan Jones/ Scott MacLeod/ Jesse Walton
We focus on the "job" category of the conditions of artistic generativity, with a team of artists who are also coworkers and who make work that is informed by the aesthetics, materials, and processes of labor.

12. Peter Belkin/ Evan Engstrom/ Joe Melamed
We built an arc de triomphe to honor our art. Our installation speaks to the artists' need for recognition.

13. Pete Hickok/ Jennie Lennick/ Rachel Weiss
Our sculptural installation addresses issues of safety, homeostasis, and protection, asking whether, through attachment to childhood and neurotic restriction, we actually succeed in preserving that which we hold dear, or rather, smother it. By clinging to memories, do we fortify or infantalize ourselves; increase or diminish our artistic and human capacities?

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