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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Stars Are In Your Eyes

Dear nice people,

Carissa here, posting for the Carissa and Luca Team. I thought I would say that it is me just in case Luca is not happy with this post that I am doing. And if there are any mis-spellings or wordings, you will know who to credit.

Luca and I are doing a book project, Big Suprise! We work a lot together, and have oddly similar ideas on content, we are both total romantics (not sure if Luca would agree) but totally different aesthetics. Actually, when I first met Luca, (He may or may not remember this, thus it may or may not have happened...) he "confessed" (over dramatization) that he was a hopeless romantic. Before this, I had never wanted to admit that I was, of sorts, an idealist. We all are. I mean I like to think that I am logical and pragmatic, and that I can think of things as they "are." But I am not convinced that this is actually possible. I thought that if someone as cool as Luca could openly take joy in being sentimental, then I could too.

For me, this project is a middle ground for Luca and I. I take on ideas from the inside, I.E. I use my personal experiences as a guide to understand my place in the cosmos. Luca highlights the inherent romanticism held within our comprehension of what it means to exist. The Stars Are In The Sky & The Stars Are In Your Eyes are two books that cannot exist without each other. One is composed of movie stills of the night sky, and the other of the movie characters looking up to them.

I am uncertain about my understanding of how things actually are and are supposed to be. I often think about this one postal service song, that I listed to over and over in 2001. The words were something like, "I have been waiting since birth to find a love that would look and sound like a movie." I am sure that Luca would not approve the coupling of postal service to this project, but I am wiling to argue that he might, maybe agree that there is some clouding of what we want to see, have happen, understand with ideas of what it means to take meaning out of life. That emotions and science cannot be divorced from each other.

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